What is Equivi® Cooling gel

• External muscle and tendon cold therapy for horses

• Relieves and cools pain and muscle soreness

• Reduce inflammation and swelling in joints and tendons

• Approved and certified product by FEI laboratory

• Contains NO prohibited substances

• Leaves no sticky residue

3 reasons

(1) A more comfortable and longer lasting solution than the conventional ice pack method
Our cooling gels are far more convenient to transport and can be used in situations where ice or cold hosing may be inconvenient, impossible and irresponsible to use.

(2) Ingrediënts in our gel have been used for thousands of years for pain relief in animal and human bodies
Menthol and camphor* are known as “counter-irritants” ingredients that relieves pain by irritating the sensory nerve endings to alter or offset pain in the underlying muscle or joints served by the same nerves.

(3) Aids in reducing inflammation and swelling
Some of our ingredients have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. This assists in the repair of both acute and chronic joint and tendon injuries.
• Acute injuries: reduces the inflammatory response when applied immediately after an injury has occurred. Will also assist the healing process when applied for the duration of the injury by increasing circulation to the affected area.
• Chronic injuries: in the case of older or more chronic inflammation menthol and camphor increase circulation and reduce inflammation.


• The Equivi® gels have gone through extensive doping tests by the official European FEI laboratory and are proven to be free of prohibited substances ; incl. the amount of present camphor is proven to pass any doping test in the competitive circuits.

• Camphor itself is not a prohibited substance listed on the anti-doping / CLEAN SPORT database of the FEI. Therefore the Equivi® cooling gel can be used before, during and after races and competition.

• We do strongly encourage to check/inform with the respective jurors and their veterinarians at competition to the use of any medication.

• Waterbase 786mg/g • Minth Leaf oil 46mg/g • Menthol 30mg/g • Camphor 20mg/g

Equivi® cooling gel should be used at full strength and applied liberally to the affected area and rubbed in gently ;
both before and after exercise workout or in competition.

• Store below or at room temperature in a cool place. Keep the lid tightly closed.
• Expiry date : 12 months after opening

• 250g Jar (for traveling and take along)
• 2.500g Buckets (for use in stables)

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