Cooling gel - 2500ml.

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.Reduces swelling caused by impacts and cools down warmed or (over)heated muscles and tendons for preventing from inflammation.

  • Long lasting cooling of muscles and tendons.

  • Assists in soothing bruises and soft swellings.

  • Aids in reducing inflammation.


Full of natural ingredients and contains amongst other the following extracts: 

    • Camphor: reduces pain around the injured bodyarea’s.
    • Castor oil : analgesic and stimulation of the blood circulation.
    • Mint leaf : ensures deep, cold and long lasting penetration.
    When and how
    • Use IMMEDIATELY when an impact has taken place

      and whenever cooling of muscles and surface is required.

    • Apply liberally (a hand full) on the fatigued or tensed area’s and rub in gently via massage until a shiny surface appearance ; allow then to withdraw slowly.

    • Use maximum 3 times in a 24h. period (working efficiency of 2 to 3 hours).

    • Does not leave any stick residue or any color shine on the rider and horse body surface or on clothing, saddles and any other equipment.