Recovering gel - 2500ml.

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Instantly heals (micro-)muscle cracks and makes horses loose and supple when being tensed and stressed.

  • Focus on healing muscle & tendon damage.
  • Accelerates the regeneration of your horse.
  • Relaxes tendons and joints and relieves muscle cramps.

Full of natural ingredients and contains amongst other the following extracts: 

  • Arnica: rapid healing effect on minor muscle damage.
  • Rosemary: long lasting stimulation of blood circulation.
  • Horse chestnut: inhibits inflammation of blood vessels.
When and how
  • Use AFTER training sessions or any physical effort and when your horse is tensed or stressed.

  • Apply liberally (a hand full) on the fatigued or tensed area’s and rub in gently via massage until a shiny surface appearance ; allow then to withdraw slowly.

  • Use maximum 3 times in a 24h. period. (working efficiency of ca. 2 to 3 hours)

  • Does not leave any stick residue or any color shine on the rider and horse body surface or on clothing, saddles and any other equipment.